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Nowadays, the consumer is more demanding and gets harder to impress.

Being exposed to a lot of "noise" and visual competition distracts the consumer.


It is not a surprise that a well designed window must capture the attention of the consumer in a few seconds or their attention is lost.

It is super important to connect with them and make magic, create the EMOTION, the DESIRE to enter to the store or buy a specific product.

TODAY is more IMPORTANT than EVER for a business to provide a MEMORABLE and SENSORY experience for the consumer.

Research from Russel R. Muller suggests that displays can increase sales by 540% and a well-planned hotspot can increase sales by 229% 

Let us catch your target consumer's attention with eye-catchy displays that grabs everybody's attention.

You have a unique store, let us tell your storybrand your business in a creative way...


Our Service includes:

Design Concept, Creation, Production and Installation. (materials not included)


                                We work with any type of window

        Open Window  |  Semi Closed | Closed Window | Island | Corner|

                              Elevated Window | Shadow box






The shopping window is the first visual contact that the consumer has with the product.

The impact that a good window display can make is so POWERFUL that can influence the decision of a potential client to enter or not to the  store.

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