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Key pieces to recreate the Modern Nordic style

The "Key pieces to recreate a style" _ A collection of ideas and design boards to recreate a style in any room.

Ideas to collect and share!

During my latest purchases in many stores, while working as an Interior Stylist / Personal Shopper, I noticed several people appearing stressed or overwhelmed with trying to mix and match the perfect pillows for their living room!

I say this because when these same people see me choosing accessories and decoration at my favorites stores like Target or Home Goods, they quickly ask me if I can help them to select similar items.

So, I decided to create a blog series where I describe various styles and the key pieces to recreate it. Because I firmly believe that if you are starting an interior design project or you are in the middle of it, you should have fun while getting it done.

Today I’ll start with the Modern Nordic style, as it is one of my latest projects. The design board at the bottom of the page will provide visual examples for the style.

Originating in Norway, this fresh and modern style mainly use natural wood, stone, cotton and organic materials.

If you want to recreate this style in your living room, I recommend you begin with painting the ceilings and walls in white, and work with a color scheme in neutral tones like white, grey and beige, using black as an accent color.

The sofa should be upholstered in cool fabrics like cotton or linen, if you think that a white sofa upholstered with fabric is a crazy idea don’t worry, you can use a slipcover. White covers can be easily thrown in the washer with a little bleach and here is the secret: This color is even easier to care than dark colors, wink ;)

You can complement the decoration by adding global / native + geometric printed cushions in neutral tones, tone by tone colors, and shag type pillows.

For a bit of flair you can start by displaying a faux fur throw in neutral tones on the arm chair.

To warm up hardwood floors use natural fiber rugs such as jute or sisal, or for a softer result a wool woven rug and place a wood coffee table for a rustic feel.

A good idea for decorating the wall behind the sofa is by placing a large scale white and black poster. It can be a geometric figure, a number or a letter, but, as we say in Texas...the bigger the better.

For the finishing touches, get a pair of recycled glass bottles and use them as vases to hold fresh fig tree branches or orange tree branches for decoration.

Do you want to know more about this style?

Carla Pierantozzi

Architect I Interior Stylist

"Tu coach de diseno"

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