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Key pieces to recreate the MAXIMALIST Style.

The "Key pieces to recreate a style series" -A collection of ideas and design boards to recreate a style in any room.

On of the things that I like the most about interior design is that is constantly evolving. Advances in technology are immediately applied in the building designs, as well as in furniture construction and the presentation of accessories.

After studying and analyzing the different styles and trends that are emerging from current developments in fashion and architecture, at this moment in time, I admit, the possibilities appear endless! Take for instance, the fact that the outside world is only an extension of our thoughts, feelings and experiences, and molded to our preferences. In this respect, an interior space is like an extension of ourselves. It reflects our tastes and lifestyle, from the piece of silky dark chocolate you sampled in Paris, France, to the oak you admired in Paris, Texas. It is the appropriation of spaces permeated with emotions.

I'm very excited to talk about one of the latest trends in design, the MAXIMALIST style. Compared to the MINIMALIST style, which is characterized by being a visually clean style, where the furniture and accessories are reduced to the essential, to the most minimum features. It focuses on using pure lines, clean spaces and neutral tones.

Well, a MAXIMALIST style is completely the opposite. This is an eclectic style where you can combine furniture and accessories from different periods and styles, from the most ancient to the most modern pieces!

This is an opulent and rich style, where you can combine and mix patterns, textures, shapes and colors, but by taking care to combine each element with balance and precision. I'm not going to lie,

it requires a "trained" eye to combine it. Mixing styles can overload the senses and you can lose the

effects you've been looking for. The furniture and accessories should be combined in a way that the result has balance, whether in color, texture, or "feel" and not appear like an accumulation of random things.

To recreate the MAXIMALIST style, for example, it is perfectly fine to mix and match gold and silver accessories, whether large or small objects of your choice, and highlight your arrangement with the use of rich colors on the walls, such as dark yellow, cobalt blue or emerald green, to provide a rich and fantastic finish.

Wait! You don't have to stop there. You can also combine and mix different patterns on fabrics, such as a heavy fabric like velvet and/or damask, and to introduce a more dramatic effect, play with lighting by incorporating chandeliers and indirect lights that mix light and shadow to amplify the mood.

You can get an idea on how to decorate using a MAXIMALIST style by referring to my digital board that provides a suggestion in setting a coffee table or a console.

"And remember...Today is a great day to decorate"

Carla Pierantozzi

The House Healer

Architect | Interior Stylist

" @2019

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