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  • Carla Pierantozzi Architect I Interior Stylist

Key pieces to recreate the Modern Farm style.

I love this eclectic mix between rustic farm charm and modern style. This type of eclectic mix is definitely a very warm and cozy style... so warm that you can almost smell of a fresh baked apple pie in the oven!

This is the kind of style popularized by Chip and Jo Gaines, on their television show "The Fixer-Upper." I'm a super fan of their show by the way. I love their approach at eclectic styles, but who doesn't right?

Begin around the space you already know: your home! I strongly recommend to keep your eyes wide open in the remote places, because you most definitely already have some hidden treasures in your house and probably don't even notice it. Take a closer look at that old table sitting in your storage room, or the cute aluminum bucket, or watering can, that is hanging on your shed. A gem can be anywhere.

Don't worry about what is already there in your home. This style is characterized by keeping the support beams exposed, and use recycled wood for a rustic sensibility. Or use something that you may already notice in your own furniture, such as the furniture and wooden accessories may be worn in some areas, where they reveal several layers of paint, giving you an opportunity. This is IMPORTANT! Dig deep and all your will to suppress your natural inclination to repaint it or the pieces will lose their charm!

You first need a "Base" of operations. To effectively recreate this style you have to establish a neutral color scheme. Use color like whites, beige and grey on the walls and the furniture to match the accessories.

Now, expand into the room. You can decorate with baskets, branch wreaths, candles displayed in different highs and antique books.

Further expand into the kitchen, where you can install a farm-style sink, which has greater depth than the regular ones. Add to the eclectic tones by installing a white subway tile as a back splash and decorate with farm-inspired accessories.

Now, my favorite part of the home - the living room - you can place a weathered, sturdy leather sofa next to a long haired, shag rug in neutral tones that highlights a rustic wood coffee table.

For a Designer touch you can frame and hang an old map. Such a simple addition will add loads of character to the room. You can complete the design with a pair of decorative pillows and add to the décor with related farm-inspired themes.

Any space is only complete when a personalized touch is added. To personalize the space, you can hang a single letter made of metal on the wall, or write a favorite phrase. It is personal, so make it fantastic!

Carla Pierantozzi

Architect I Interior Stylist

"Tu Coach de diseno"

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