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Everything you need to recreate this vibrant style!

One of my clients recently returned from India, and she was so in love with the vibrant and colorful country that she asked me to incorporate some of the pieces she brought from Mumbai, (formerly called Bombay) into her new project. I immediately fell in love with the idea! I'm also inspired by the Bollywood movies so I told her "I will create for you a wonderful 'Bollywood style' living room." "That's exactly what I want!" she replied.

So if you are looking to dramatically change your style and take a ride into a joyful explosion of color, this is where I suggest to start.



This is one of my first recommendations for almost every project. Why? Because in this way all the elements can be beautifully integrated and displayed without competing with each other. Which means, walls, floors, sofa, EVERYTHING can be white or beige (don't worry you can have a colorful sofa, covered with a linen/cotton slipcover). Remember: neutral colors for this project are white, beige, ivory, grey, "greyge" tan, champagne, etc.

In regards to the shape of the sofa, look for straight lines. Yes, it can have some curves but if you don't have a clue on which shape to choose, opt for a more transitional sofa.


Purchasing an undersized rug can make the room look cheap and uncoordinated (a pet peeve of mine). The perfect size for a rug in a living room should be 5' x 8' - 6' x 9' for a smaller area, and for a larger area, a 8' x 10' - 9' x 12' rug will fill the space harmoniously. You will want that clean look, so position the legs of all surrounding furniture off of the rug. Go for an "Indian type" global, native colorful print.

You can find a larger selection at *Cost Plus World Market.


My clients know that I love to play with colors, textures and patterns to create a refined yet playful ambiance. To create this look, pick one primary color that occupies 70% of the overall color and its complementary color for the remaining 30%. For instance, let's say you choose blue as the primary color and orange as the complementary color. Then go for blue pillows and complement with one or two orange pillows, go for a splash of color and go further by picking a hot pink throw pillow. *Pillows can be solid or floral, Indian type print. and complement it with large pillows or poufs at *TARGET


Using wood can warm the space, so go for a coffee table and side table of this material. There are plenty of gorgeous Indian hand-made carved pieces to choose from. The carved pieces can be a natural look or you can choose beautifully hand made painted wood pieces. There are many options to highlight your creative self.


You can pair your pieces with Moroccan /Turkish type of pendants and Moroccan or Indian lanterns, in shiny silver or gold, clear or colored glass. Either way, it's going to look great.


Every time you can add a live plant with green leaves, it will instantly refresh a space with the sense of life. Think about Yucca, Mass cane or Dracaena to include in your project. Its not hard to find either. You can find it at your local LOWE'S where I buy all my plants.

Carla Pierantozzi

Architect I Interior Stylist

"Tu Coach de Diseno"


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