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"How Bizarre" Architecture in the RGV

I couldn't think of a better title for this post because, unfortunately, I see this kind of "Architecture" a lot more here in the Valley, and it is a style that I could never ever understand.

First, I have a hard time understanding the idea behind making a facade of a house with multiple windows and designs (yes, every window of the house are different in size and in different styles, like what you would find in a window sampler) to a facade that looks like it was pulled straight from the stage of a Western movie (Blazing Saddles comes to mind).

I've been living in the Valley from almost nine-years now and it seems like this "trend" will not stop any time soon. It honestly seems on the upswing.

As an Architect by training and an Interior Designer by trade, my heart breaks to see so much energy, planning, and money invested in houses, offices and buildings designed all wrong. Sorry, not sorry...

An expensive material is insufficient to produce luxury when the project itself lacks vision and cohesion to take advantage of the expensive materials. Unfortunate and unnecessary waste only to produce mediocrity.

I have had collected a "Parade" of pictures to provide visual evidence for my point of view, but I only highlight a few. I want to tell my readers that my intention here is not to demean anybody or denigrate anyone in particular, much less the contractors or those in construction. I only hope to help keep the RGV looking beautiful

With that being said, well, they said a picture is worth more than 1000 words, so I'll give you a few so you can get the idea.

A good design has fundamental elements to make it right. Highs, textures, dimension, scale, color, natural light, aesthetic, and style just to name a few. Good design requires thoughtful planning, taking care of the project as a whole, and integrating all the elements to produce a consistent form.; you cannot focus only on the facade and leave the floor plan unattended.

It frustrates me! I really don't understand what's going on here. The intention seems to be to create the illusion of a modern style but keep the basic schematics of a basic floor plan.

One thing I know is this. If I had presented something like this home design to any of my college professor while studying Architecture in Monterrey, or while studying for my Master Degree in Furniture Designer in Buenos Aires, Argentina I would have certainly received a C-. or much more likely a lower grade.

I wonder about the person who is excited to get a home loan, and believe this model is the way to go in their purchase. I truly believe that people deserve better for the hard-earned money they will be spending for fifteen or thirty years. And for what? A semblance , illusion of modern style.

It is much cheaper to do the things right the first time than doing it wrong?


A good design is not as expensive as you think. On the contrary, it can save you time, money and headaches by simply hiring a good architect and Interior Designer from the beginning. (Don't be talked into writing that check for services until you see the work they've done) Look for the cohesion between form and style.

As the picture showed below.

Photo: Courtesy of Architect @alexmacias_studioam11

The main function of an Architect is to analyze, design and develop a space according to the needs of the client (you), and the kind of lifestyle you hope to have while living there.

The process of the Architect is logical, scientific, and artistic brought together by blending the needs and activities of the client into the function of the living space. The Architect interprets the clients needs and resolves the client's vision through artistic and creative methods., as well as through sound, professionally developed technique.

Photo: Courtesy of Architect @alexmacias _studioam11

Unlike the example from the first photo, a modern style is a clean design, well thought out and executed, where basic materials are simply and elegantly incorporated in the overall design, as highlighted in the last photo.

The function of the Interior Designer is to integrate the Architect's vision and style, through the selections of colors, accessories, and materials, such as windows, doors, lighting, drapes, window shades, and interior and exterior furniture and bedding, to produce a truly integrated home experience.

Xo- Carla Pierantozzi. Mic drop! Peace out!

Carla Pierantozzi, "The House Healer "Photo credit: @bordermayor

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