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Starting by the basics, FENG SHUI literally means wind and water and it's all about the study of energy and how it affects people.

You can't see the energy but you truly can feel it! Like when the first time you entered to a room and you can sense either a good feeling or a weird one, right? I bet it happened to you at least once.

So the underlying premise of Feng Shui is that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in your environment even the smallest detail of furnishing and decor, could further your goals in life or somehow work against you. And we don't want that.

Ok, by understanding the sutil currents of energy that flow through body, and really everything in the universe, you can arrange your living spaces, and off course your working spaces to help you reach your goals.

It's that simple, we are not talking here about magic or spells or anything like that, ok, we are talking about the energy that flows freely in the universe, capicci?

So, do you ever wonder why sometimes when traveling or sleeping in other house, you either have a good and restful sleep or the opposite?

Ha! it all depends on the direction you are facing, how the energy flows and the furniture arrangement.

That's why it is super important the arrangement of your home, or office or workplace because it can affect your peace of mind and physical health.

And just by applying correctly the principles of Feng Shui it can be possible to create a balanced and healthy space to make your relationships healthier and to create an environment more attuned to the life force surround us.

Which means that practicing FENG SHUI represents the belief that there are universal subtle forces in our surroundings that can affect our every day life.

There are four methods of Feng Shui: Form School, Eight Directions, Compass Method and the Black hat.

According to the Form school method of Feng Shui practice, the shapes of the land, the flow of the rivers and patterns created by light and wind are associated with a variety of animal forms.

Of all the animals, the dragon is the most important landform, identifiable in virtually every topographical feature.

For instance a hill or mountain behind the home on the northern provides protection, this type off configuration is still considered auspicious (lucky) today. In an urban environment a larger building, or big trees to the rear provides similar protection. The streets and highways act like a rivers to provide pathways for chi.

Eight Directions are the four cardinal compass points North, South, East and West and the points in between. Based on your gender and date of birth four of this directions will be auspicious and four will be inauspicious.

You should face one of your lucky directions while sleep, work and so on. This approach is very common in Europe and gaining fans here in the US.

Compass. This is a more complex practice that calculate a detailed star chart for the home based on the year of construction and precise compass direction the building faces.

Black Hat. This is a contemporary Western style of Feng Shui, and it can be used where compass oriented rules are hard or difficult to follow and it can be used in combination with the other methods to provide a deeper understanding of the energetic quality of your space and surroundings.

In this method, (my favorite) Furniture is arranged to create a safe and comfortable environment, and everything else like accesories, artwork, colors, are chosen to reinforce desired changes.

What I like the most about this particular approach is that emphasize the power of your intention to influence the energy of your home. This way is much more personal and unique.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Xo ~ Carla Pierantozzi "The House Healer"

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